The Hampshire Avon Catchment Partnership

Our vision is of healthy water bodies within the Hampshire Avon catchment which are valued and nurtured by residents, businesses, and the wider community

What is the Hampshire Avon Catchment Partnership? Our partners all play a part in determining the health of our river environment in one way or another. By working together, we aim to protect and enhance the health of the Avon catchment for the future.

The Avon and a number of its tributaries are ‘chalk streams’. Chalk streams are a globally rare type of river famed for their crystal clear waters which support a wide range of plants and animals, including some of the country’s most iconic species, such as the salmon, water vole and otter. We are fortunate that many of the world’s chalk streams are found here in the Hampshire Avon catchment.

Our health and wellbeing are underpinned by these rivers – they provide us with clean drinking water, they water our crops which produce our food, and they carry our wastewater to sea. 

But all is not well in our chalk streams. The pressure we place on our chalk streams is no longer sustainable in the face of climate change.

 Want to find out more about how you or your organisations can play a part in improving the health of the Avon catchment? Please get in touch.

You can find out more about the Avon and our catchment partnership via our Interactive Catchment Hub 

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